Additional services



Shuttle service is available to/ from the hotel. There are 4 types of shuttle transport:
  • Economy: price is 10 € per person. The time of departure is set by the shuttle company in acordance to their schedule and you pick up/ drop off other passengers on the way.
  • Economy flex: price for 1-3 people is 29 €, for 4-6 people is 44 € and for 7-8 people is 48 €. The shuttle pick up is at your specified time and takes you to the airport/ hotel. You can pick up other passengers along the way.
  • Business:price for 1-3 people is 38 €, for 4-6 people is 48 € and for 7-8 people is 59 €. You are picked up with a comfortable business vehicle, you travel without additional passengers and stops along the way. Additional benefits of the Business type transport free of charge additional luggage, free of charge for a children seat, free bottle of water for a drive longer than 1h.
  • VIP Luxury: price for 1-3 people is 45 €, for 4-6 people is 65 € and for 7-8 people is 69 €. It is a transfer of people who wish a luxury transport with a personal vehicle to/ from the airport at a certain time highly comfortable. It is intended for people who want total privacy, flexibility and the very best drivers.


All articles handed over to the housekeeper until 9 AM will be returned till 10 PM next day. Clothes handed over for ironing will be returned in one hour. Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays laundry service is not available.


Guests of our hotel get a 50 % discount on the ticket to the National Museum of Slovenia. You can get your voucher at the reception. The museum presents to you the cultural heritage of our nation on four different sites.

  • National museum of Slovenia
Here you can see the oldest musical instrument in the world, 60.000 years old Neanderthal flute from the Divje babe cave. Another remarkable object is a charming Vače situla. Of course there is a vast collection of other interesting archaeological objects that tell a story of the life before our time, e.g. findings from the Ljubljana Marsh and the Ljubljanica River, the only ancient Egyptian mummy in Slovenia, gilded bronze statue of Emona citizen, imperial stone inscription from Emona, Germanic ornamentation from the Migration Period and Early Middle Ages wooden traps.

  • National museum of Slovenia – Metelkova
The new venue of the National Museum of Slovenia is housed in the ex-barracks complex on Metelkova street. The transformation of the one-hundred-year-old barracks complex, comprising the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Slovenian Cinemateque and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, was designed by the local Architectural Bureau Groleger and Miroslav Kvas. In the glass-clad extension the Museum building has a string of restoration workshops as well as a lecture room, while the exhibition galleries are on the ground floor (for temporary exhibitions and displays) and on the first and the second floors the permanent exhibition History and Arts Collections.

  • Blejski castle
Bled with its environs is an exceptional example of how people used, through centuries, their environment in view of the natural and habitational conditions, and in relation to the development of their culture – as currently portrayed by the museum exhibition set up in 14 chambers of the former residential rooms in the castle by the National Museum of Slovenia in collaboration with several other Slovene museums and private collectors.

  • Snežnik castle
The romantic Snežnik Castle in Notranjska boasts authentic interiors from the second half of the 19th century. A stroll through the four castle floors evokes the atmosphere of 150 years ago because rooms boast genuine furniture and other household objects from the latter half of the 19th century. The parlours and bedrooms of Princes Herman and Ulrich, of Princess Ana and the guest rooms are pleasant and comfortable fitted out with a number of originally upholstered historical seating suites and ornamental stoves. The walls are decorated with family portraits, old photos, and prints. One distinct feature is the Egyptian room from the early 20th century. To make the ambience of the holiday residence cosier, the family had a piano, the billiard table, and the theatre corner. Gradually, the owners gathered many hunting trophies, including the stuffed bear that has been at the castle for over a century. The stonefaced bailey area is intended for temporary exhibitions, and there is a wedding room on the ground floor.

  • Ad Pirum archaeological park
There is a small exhibition at the Stara Pošta in Hrušica on the Logatec–Ajdovščina road, where visitors can gain a deeper insight into the Ad Pirum site (present-day Hrušica) and the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum extensive defence system of fortifications and defence walls that protected Italy and the City of Rome from invading incursions from the East.
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